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Bikes for Women, by Women

This is How We Liv

I’m delighted to be on board as a Liv Ambassador and am really looking forward to working closely with Giant Store Leamington and Giant Newport Pagnell to host their Liv Presents events.

I’m passionate about the benefits of sport and am keen to break down some of the barriers which stop women getting involved. I understand the pressures of balancing work, training and family life and hope that by sharing my experiences I can inspire other women.

In 2018 I will be riding the Langma Advanced Pro and Brava SLR alongside my Envie and Avow bikes and I’m looking forward to spending as much time out on the road as possible.

If you haven’t already you must check out the full Liv range

About Liv

Liv is the first cycling brand completely dedicated to women. We offer the only comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles.

No matter the rider’s level or style, Liv provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling.


I’m so lucky to be working with CEP this year.  I’ve been using their socks for years, but as a CEP Athlete I’ve had the opportunity to try out their full range of medical grade compression wear and I’m super impressed.

Having used most of the range now there are so many products I’d recommend but I’ve managed to whittle it down to my top 5 must have’s.

If you are thinking of giving compression gear a go use code bradley15 for 15% off everything.

1. Recovery socks – I love the recovery tights but these are so quick and easy to pop on after a hard session or a race. Especially good for those often long car journey’s home after a race.

What CEP say about them – The Socks for Recovery guarantee fast recovery between workouts thanks to two highly innovative technologies: highly effective medi compression and SMART INFRARED featuring yarns with bioactive minerals that use your body heat to stimulate recovery processes. The Socks for Recovery improve your circulation, prevent sore muscles and help you recover fast so that you can perform at your peak again in no time.


  1. ¾ Performance Tights (shown in photo to the right along with short sleeved wingtech shirt and ultra light socks) – These tights fit like a glove, are super supportive and have a really comfortable top waistband. My go to tights for everyday training! What CEP say about them – Just because you’re ambitious doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable when you run. The Performance 3/4 Tights are the perfect example of this with their effective compression for top performance. They offer superior comfort thanks to their anatomically optimized, stay-put fit, flat seams, pressure-free cuffs and excellent heat and moisture management. The integrated side pockets are ideally positioned so that all of your important items are close to your body and within reach. The Performance 3/4 Tights are indispensable for all types of athletic activities.


  1. Nighttech socks (shown in photo below) – I love all of the Run 2.0 range and have practically every colour combo but these are extra special. With color reflector dots they reflect light, keeping you visible at night.What CEP say about them – We have good news for runners who won’t let a little darkness get in their way: The brand new Nighttech Socks, created with the help of young designers from Berlin, are sure to attract attention. While the uniquely arranged color reflector dots reflect light – making you highly visible after dark – the proven medi compression helps you perform at your best. After all, it lets you enjoy blister-free running with enhanced stability and maximum power and guarantees faster recovery after you run. Sore muscles and darkness won’t stop you when you wear Nighttech Socks. Keep on running!

4. Wingtech Shirt – A new addition to my kit for this year is the wingtech shirt. I’m notorious for crossing my one arm across when I run and even with loads of drills I can’t seem to help it. I can feel the gentle action of this shirt puling my posture back and it reminds me to check my form.What CEP say about them – Easily stand up (straight) to any challenge with the innovative Wingtech Shirt by CEP. The shirt’s unique design and the SMARTWINGTECH STRIPES stimulate specific points on your back that remind you to maintain your posture. This means you breathe easier, run smoother and train more effectively. Last but not least, maintaining an upright posture strengthens your back muscles with a lasting effect.


  1. Ultralight Short socks (shown in black in the photo below) – a lighter version of the standard socks but without compromising on so great for warmer weather. These are great all-rounders for running, cycling and the gym and I love the style. A kit must have!What CEP say about them – Endurance athletes will simply love the Ultralight Short Socks thanks to their ultra-thin, ultra-light, breathable and minimally padded design. These functional socks ensure fresh and comfortable feet and a perfect stay-put fit in close-fitting sports shoes – so you can say goodbye to blisters. The targeted medi compression stabilizes your ankle and arch for a sense of security. These short socks are a power pack and make your training sessions more dynamic.

It’s great to be working with such a supportive (no pun intended) and quality brand and I’m looking forward to lots of new adventures with CEP this year!


Every single CEP product incorporates our decades of experience as a manufacturer of medical compression products and partner to professional athletes and sports medicine specialists. We want you to reach your athletic goals and give you what you demand from compression: an amazing effect.

Feel true compression. Experience CEP.




Premium ethical activewear created responsibly with a low carbon footprint, trialled and tested by leading athletes around the world.

It’s important to me that a brand has strong values that resonate with me and knowing that every purchase made includes a charitable donation is pretty awesome. So not only are their products amazing but they are making a difference to others too.

Read a recent interview I did with them

I love a nice T-Shirt and Sundried do not disappoint. Their Ortler T-shirt comes in a perfect grey colour with a slash of red. The Ruinette Tights are my absolute faves as they are flattering and oh so comfortable! I hardly take them off! Thankfully they wash like a dream too.

Head over to to see their full range of premium ethical active wear and use code DebbieBradley for 50% off everything!

Why not give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook



VeloSkin: Specialist skincare for cyclists, by cyclists. –

Instagram is full of inspiration people and brands and a picture tells you so much more than words. The visuals and quotes were what first attracted me to VeloSkin but the company ethos, quality and performance of the products is why I’m proud to be an ambassador for them.

After using the full range I knew the products were right for me and great to encourage more women cyclists to give them a try… hence my feedback ‘they’re not just for boys!’

I’m finding it really hard to pick just one favorite product mainly because they all complement each other. My race routine is… shave cream followed by post shave lotion, chamois and then post-race soothing recovery gel. It’s like asking who your favorite family member is!?

Here’s a few words about why I got involved.

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Waterproof. Wind-resistant. Breathable. Self-healing. Insulating. Your body’s largest organ is amazing.

VeloSkin believes you should give it the care and protection it deserves.  To cover everything the UK weather throws at you, cover it with VeloSkin.





Most of you will know that I do a fair amount of night riding, not always by choice but needs must with a busy job and a 6yr old in the house. Great lights are a must and I cant recommend the ICON range enough.

These are zero faff lights! The charge lasts forever so you’ll never be left out in the dark. They have a power saving feature so adjust to their surroundings. There is a steady flash when there is no danger, and a much more visible flash when there is a car nearby.

This bright and intelligent lighting is better than anything I’ve used before. They always give me peace of mind that I am safe when out on those dark night rides.

Check out the range here you wont be disappointed!




DBA stands for Dream, Believe and Achieve and their bras feature motivational quotes that seriously kick ass.  I smile every time I put one on.

Perfect for cycling, gym and turbo sessions and the best part, they are supportive enough to run in.

Ok I’m no Pamela Anderson but there’s enough to bounce about and these keep them snug.  And worth knowing you can get your very own personalised ones so
great if you are racing/training as a team of girls or just if you want to stand out from the crowd.

You can see the full range including leggings here


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